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Ingham County Commissioners play pivotal role in government

By Rachel Taylor
Lansing Community Newspapers
(The Ingham County News)

The 16 members of the Ingham County's Board of Commissioners play a pivotal role in local government.

The commission serves as Ingham's governing body. The group makes policy-making decisions about all county affairs. This includes the following things:

  • which government services will be provided and at what level they will be made available;
  • adoption of the county's budget;
  • equalization of property values;
  • appointments on advisory boards and commissions. The county commission appoints the equalization director; controller, health officer, medical examiner, animal control director and attorney for the county.
  • County committees including county services, finance, human services, law enforcement and judiciary give their recommendations to the Ingham County Board of Commissioners for action.

    Each commissioner represents an individual district within the county - each district being approximately equal to the others in population. Commissioners are all elected on a partisan basis for a period of two years. The board's leadership is then elected by its members.

    The information for this article was obtained through the county official government website, which can be accessed at, and from the Ingham County Directory.


    Strengthening our economy by supporting job creating and economic development initiatives such as Lansing Regional Smart Zone, Port of Entry for Capital Region International Airport and The Ingham County Land Bank. Voted to amend the county's purchasing policy to give preference to local vendors who invest in our community.

    Protecting the Ingham Health Plan, which provides access for those that need health care.

    Worked to successfully pass a comprehensive Living Wage policy for Ingham County that rewards work and lifts families out of poverty.

    Effectively utilizing the Juvenile Justice millage by improving programming and increasing capacity of the Juvenile Justice system.

    Successfully Lead the effort for the resurfacing and renovation project of Waverly Road.

    Co-develop the Ingham County Youth Commission, which provides young people in the County an opportunity to get involved in their government.

    Continue to utilize your tax dollars wisely by working hard to provide balanced budgets without increasing the county's operating millage rate.

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